Card-Not-Present Transactions

At Magothy Payments, we understand the risk that Keyed-In transactions present to a merchant. Our virtual terminal allows you to securely run a transaction from any browser, including mobile, to allow you the flexibility of running a transaction anywhere, anytime.

Electronic Invoicing

Invoice your customers via a brandable email and have them pay with a few clicks. Invoices are generated with detailed line items, automatically converted to PDFs, and then emailed directly to customers with a link to pay their bills securely.

Customer Vault

Our secure Customer Vault maintains a unique token value that enables you to repeat subsequent transactions without having to store, recollect, and enter sensitive payment data. All data is strictly regulated and compliant with PCI standards.

CRM Integrations

Integrate directly into your CRM to offer convenient and secure payment options for customers, which enhances the overall customer experience and encourages prompt payments to reduce outstanding balances and improve cash flow.

Fraud Prevention

With the rise in e-commerce transactions and the advance of mobile payment technology, the need for payment cybersecurity is a top priority. Our Fraud Prevention defends against fraudulent activity by using extensive filters to detect suspicious transactions before they’re approved, rooting out fraudsters for good.

Level III Processing

Level III processing helps qualify you for optimal interchange rates by passing on extended transaction data to the processor. Level 3 transactions include all the information in Level 1 and Level 2, as well as line-item details such as product descriptions, quantities, and extended amounts.

Mobile Solutions

Quickly take payments on your Android or iOS phone. Simply run a transaction, add tips, or even issue a refund. You can also pair your phone with one of the several EMV devices and take advantage of improved security and better transaction rates.

our standard INterchange+ pricing

Transparency. Flexibility. Fairness.

We use interchange+ pricing and fully disclose our markup on your monthly statement, both as a percentage and as a dollar figure.  This means our clients know exactly how much revenue we generate from servicing their accounts. Ask us today about True Daily Funding!

Standard Interchange+ Pricing
0.50% + $0.10

Transparent Pricing
No Hidden Fees
No Long-Term Contracts
No Cancellation Fee
In-House Customer Support
Client Reporting Dashboard
Chargeback Assistance