Compliant Dual Pricing

At Magothy Payments, we understand that every cent matters in the world of business. While credit card transactions are a convenience for customers, we recognize that the associated costs can impact your bottom line. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our innovative solution – Compliant Dual Pricing.

What Is Compliant Dual Pricing?

Compliant Dual Pricing is a legal and transparent way for businesses to pass along the cost of credit card transactions to their consumers. With this solution, you can maintain your competitively low rates for credit card processing while ensuring that your clients have the flexibility to offset these costs.


Transparent & Legal

Our dual pricing solution complies with all applicable laws and regulations. You can rest easy, knowing that you are offering a transparent pricing model that is fully compliant with industry standards.

Protect Your Margins

Maintain the competitive edge in your industry by preserving your relatively low rates for credit card processing. With Compliant Dual Pricing, your customers can cover the costs without affecting your bottom line.

Complete Flexibility

Empower your clients to make informed choices by providing them with the option to choose how they would like to pay. This flexibility enhances the overall satisfaction of your client base.

Seamless Integrations

Magothy Payments ensures that the implementation of Compliant Dual Pricing is seamless for your business. Our user-friendly tools and support team make the transition smooth and hassle-free.

How Does It Work?



We have found that Dual Pricing isn’t the best fit for everyone. To prevent this, we conduct a thorough assessment of your business model, ensuring that Compliant Dual Pricing is the right fit for you.



If after the assessment we find that it is a good fit, we tailor the solution to meet your specific needs. This includes working together to create a pricing strategy that aligns with your brand and business goals.



Our team is completely hands-on and assists you in seamlessly integrating Compliant Dual Pricing into your existing payment processes and workflows.



We provide comprehensive education and ongoing support to ensure that you and your clients fully understand and benefit from the dual pricing model.