Who We Serve

Discovering our strengths and focusing on what we do best has been a journey of understanding that we can’t be everything to everyone. While we can provide merchant services for a variety of businesses, there are specific industries where our expertise truly shines. Let’s delve into our sweet spots: card-not-present and omnichannel businesses.


Imagine businesses processing transactions when customers aren’t physically present – that’s card-not-present. Due to the inherent risk of fraud, these transactions pose challenges for banks. Unlike card-present situations with physical cards, where cloning is difficult due to EMV technology, the card-not-present environment opens doors for fraudulent activities. Our focus here is to navigate these challenges and provide secure solutions.


An omnichannel business accepts payments across multiple environments – retail, mobile, e-commerce, MOTO (mail order/telephone order), or a combination of these. In the past, banks required separate merchant accounts for each environment. However, recent changes allow for omnichannel designations, simplifying the process for businesses. We understand the importance of a consolidated account that caters to a diverse range of payment environments.


These transactions occur when customers are physically present with their cards or mobile wallets. Whether it’s an EMV chip card, magstripe card, or NFC via mobile wallets, payment data is collected directly from the cardholder. Common in retail and restaurants, we review each business case by case. While retail and restaurants aren’t our primary focus, we actively pursue opportunities for businesses that operate in both the physical and online realms, creating an omnichannel experience.

Our services have proven to be most impactful in the following industries

• Homeowners Associations
• Studios, Dojos & Gyms
• Home Improvement

• Roll-Off Dumpsters
• Home Services
• E-Commerce
• Automotive
• Healthcare
• B2B

By understanding our strengths and the industries where we excel, we’re able to offer tailored solutions that truly make a difference.