Leah Drayer, Office Manager

Leah Drayer

Leah was our first full-time hire back in 2019.  As the Office Manager, she’s the engine that drives the bus.  She literally does everything.  She’s the first line of defense when it comes to customer service requests, client onboarding, and chargebacks.  If you’ve ever called the office, chances are you’ve had the pleasure of speaking with her.

Leah grew up as a child of missionaries.  Her family moved to the Philippines when she was five and didn’t return to the States until she was 21, so adjusting to American culture was quite the experience.

She’s a self-proclaimed coffee snob who shows up painfully early for everything.  So when you arrive two minutes before your scheduled appointment, she’s there waiting – latte in hand – secretly judging you. But we love her anyway.

The only thing she loves more than coffee and arriving early is house plants – and maybe cheese.  She’s been known to exclaim, “That’s some good cheese right there!” in the middle of lunch with the unbridled enthusiasm of a 5-year-old in a Batman costume.

She’s also the loving mother of three [sometimes] wonderful kids, including a teen and a pre-teen.  As you can imagine, that makes her an expert in de-escalating stubborn, overly dramatic people – which is why she handles our customer service.  Pray for her.  She’s not okay.