We’ve partnered up with WooPOS to be able to offer our omnichannel merchants a POS system with integrated payments that can manage their inventory in real time between their retail store and their e-commerce store when using the WooCommerce shopping cart.

This value add service aligns with our goal to make our clients’ lives easier by streamlining their process and helping them to run more efficiently.

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s your boy, Jaron Rice, founder and CEO of Magothy Payments, Maryland’s highest-rated merchant services provider. Back from hiatus. Been in the lab cooking something up. No. But seriously, typically first quarter and the first half of second quarter is our busiest season for new account acquisition, so I’ve been grinding, getting those accounts, trying to make up for 2020, which kind of sucked, right?

I have a very, very, very special announcement about a new product that we are offering. Now as many of you know, we primarily focus on card-not-present business, and we also focus on omnichannel business. On the omnichannel side, we have recently partnered with a point-of-sale system called WooPOS, and WooPOS is great for the omnichannel merchant that has a retail store location, a storefront, that is also selling items and services online through an e-Commerce website. So as the name might imply, WooPOS, they’re not affiliated with WooCommerce, but their POS system integrates with and syncs with WooCommerce.

Now, this means that if you are a retailer that has a physical store and an e-Commerce store, this single point of sale can manage and maintain your inventory across those two environments. One of the biggest of challenges that those type of retailers have is they may have widget A. And their inventory shows that they have two sitting on the shelf, and somebody walks into the store and buys those two that are sitting on the shelf. The website probably doesn’t immediately, or if at all, reflect that they no longer have widget A in stock because someone came in and purchased them.

With WooPOS in their inventory management, when an item is purchased in-store or online, it is removed from the inventory so that you can’t oversell an item that you don’t have, which is fantastic. Now WooPOS has a direct integration with Elavon Converge gateway which is wonderful because you can utilize one gateway for the point-of-sale side and that same gateway can integrate with WooCommerce on the e-Commerce store side, so all of your transactions flow through the same gateway. And from a hardware standpoint, for the customer-facing PIN pad using the Ingenico Lane 3000 device, that integrates with Converge.

One of the best things that I really like about WooPOS is that it is a Windows-based platform. One of the biggest challenges that you have in the point-of-sales space is that a lot of these programs and software are designed in a way to work with specific hardware that you have to buy from the manufacturer which tends to cost more, and it makes it more difficult to replace or fix or troubleshoot. WooPOS is a Windows-based point-of-sales system, so you’re using a typical desktop, right? So you can use a small-form factor. You can use an all-in-one which we’re looking at doing that has a touch screen. You can use a standard cash register with a USB-triggered cash drawer for when the sale is completed, and all the peripherals – the printers, the barcode scanners and things like that – you can use generic stuff that you buy on Amazon to work in unison with this platform.

Because it’s Windows-based, it’s much more stable, and they’re using standard Windows drivers, which will make it very easy. The cost barrier to entry is very low because a lot of this equipment, especially the computers, the business may already have. We’ll put together some packages that will bundle all of that if a merchant is starting from scratch. But the installs that we’ve done so far, the vast majority of the hardware the merchant already had, so we’ve been able to use the hardware that they had and save money and time on that part of the installation.

I will post an affiliate link in the description here if you want a 30-day trial, but, again, we’re really, really excited to partner with WooPOS, looking forward to some great things. I’ve started using it. I’m a huge fan.

One of the things that I like most – a lot of things I like most, but another thing that I like most – is the owner Benny and their programming team, they are on the ball. We’ve recognized a couple of things that needed little tweaking and changes to personalize it for our merchant. We sent the request over to the development team, and within a couple of hours they had it changed and up and running on their platform, which is something that you really like to see from software developers who aren’t rigid and think that they know best how to use or develop the system. But they value the feedback from their merchant services provider partners as well as the merchants, the business owners themselves.

That’s what I wanted to update you on. Again, I know it’s been a minute. We’re going to try and work through and get some regular content going, but it is RV season and I’m all about that glamping life. So I’m going to be in and out quite a bit.

I hope this information was helpful. I hope you check out WooPOS and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like to schedule a demo. All right. That’s all I got today. Have a good one.


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