Studios, Dojos & Gyms

Dance studios, martial arts dojos, and gym are some of the best examples of omnichannel businesses.  Typically, these businesses accept card present transactions when purchasing goods directly, as well has card-not-present transactions in the form of recurring payments.  There are also times where mobile payments are necessary for pop up sales, recitals, and other events.  Our Magothy Payment Gateway, powered by NMI, is the ideal platform to services businesses like this.  It offers hardware and software solutions that work in harmony so that the merchant has a streamlined and efficient process of capturing, storing, and processing their clients’ payment data.

We have a USB powered pin pad that connects directly to a front desk check-in computer, and a mobile card reader that would connect with a phone or a tablet.  Both devices are EMV certified and able to accept NFC (near field communication) payments from mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.  When a customer makes a payment with one of these devices, their payment information can be securely tokenized and stored to a billing profile for that particular customer for future payments – including recurring billing, invoiced payments, and structured payment plans.  Imagine a parent registering their child with a dance studio after a free trial class.  The parent pays the registration fee on site (card present transaction).  After that transaction is completed, that payment data is securely applied to a recurring payment plan for the child’s tuition that starts the following month (or whenever it’s designated to begin).

The Magothy Payment gateway has an Automatic Card Updater feature that helps prevent declined transactions in the future due to cards expiring or card numbers changing after the original card has been reported lost or stolen.  The gateway works with Visa, Mastercard, and the issuing banks of the cards stored in the Customer Vault or scheduled for recurring payments to update the payment information should it change.  This happens behind the scenes without the merchant needing to do anything.  The merchant will get a monthly email notification if and when one of their customer’s information has been updated in the system. You also have the option of doing ACH/Electronic Check Processing from the same portal.  This service also works well for recurring billing at a fraction of the cost of credit card transactions.

Our gateway also has an integration for QuickBook desktop that will automatically sync gateway transactions with open invoices.  The platform is designed to save both time and money.  Obviously we’re biased, but we believe this is the best payment processing solution for dance studios, martial arts dojos and gyms – hands down.