Automotive repair is an industry that has many omnichannel qualities.  While most merchant services providers will automatically classify automotive repair facilities as a card-present account, we think it’s a mistake to not give the processor a reasonable expectation regarding card-not-present transactions as many automotive repair shops will take payments over the phone.  Because some of the more extensive repair jobs can have much larger tickets, adding a card-not-present transaction to the mix when the processor isn’t expecting it can dramatically increase the likelihood of funding delays due to the increased chargeback risk factors.

Our Magothy Payments Gateway is a great solution for automotive repair facilities.  The omnichannel platform is designed to incorporate card-present and card-not-present transaction into the same user interface.  It supports an EMV and NFC (near field communication aka contactless) enabled pin pad (Ingenico Lane/3000) that is connected to and powered by the front desk computer.  This allows you to capture payment data and run the transaction on site while still being able to tokenize it and save it to a billing profile in the Customer Vault for future payments.  This brings security and time efficiency to having a card-on-file for your regular customers.

The gateway also allows us to setup a hosted payment page on your website to accept payments when the shop is closed.  How often do people call the shop after you’ve closed to make a payment?  From our experience, it happens quite frequently.  This platform allows you to collect those payments passively, even when you’re not open.

Being setup with a gateway allows also gives you access to the other features.  Some of our automotive repair shops have tow trucks that need to take payments whilst on the road.  They can use the iProcess mobile in conjunction with the mobile card reader instead of having to call the office to give the customer’s payment information over the phone.  The electronic invoicing feature is also popular with our mechanic clients.

We hope you see the value that this solution brings to the automotive industry and understand why we feel it’s a fantastic solution for automotive repair facilities looking for payment processing.